Amidst the beauty
of South Bohemia

Třeboň, a picturesque South Bohemian town, lies in the heart of the UNESCO

Biosphere Reserve, making it an ideal home base for nature lovers and fans of outdoor activities. The town has a rich spa tradition and lively food scene—a veritable feast for the senses. All of these qualities add to Třeboň’s atmosphere, so it’s no wonder that the region is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the Czech Republic.

Relax in the great outdoors

The Třeboň region is called the land of double skies. Why? Because of a unique network of about 500 ponds that were established in the 14th century within deep pine forests, marshes, and peat bogs connected by streams and man-made canals. In addition to fish farming, the ponds are essential breeding and wintering grounds for 280 bird species, the rarest of which is the white-tailed eagle. The romantic countryside is crisscrossed with extensive bike paths and hiking trails, including a 7-kilometer inline skating track. The dam on the Svět Pond is right behind the building, so you can easily go swimming, boat riding, or fishing. A total of 4 golf courses can be found within a 50 km radius.

Relax in a spa

Abundant sources of healing peat bogs led to the establishment of Třeboň’s spa tradition in the 15th century. Enjoy a peat bath or wrap in the nearby Aurora Spa, which, in addition to treating musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases, specializes in whole mind and body regeneration. Its spa complex includes a wellness center with a saltwater pool that is open to the public, right next to a large park with a forest fitness area and wonderful children’s playground.

Taste of Třeboň

The Třeboň carp has been a famous export both at home and abroad for over one hundred years. Sample the local delicacy—crispy carp chips—in the town’s excellent selection of fish restaurants. The Regent brewery, one of the oldest in Central Europe, is also based here.