A story
that lives on

A Town With a Deep History

The first settlers in the undulating landscape of the Třeboň Basin date back to the 13th century. Nová Cihelna’s name (new brickworks) and architectural style reflect the town’s past. It was here, on the edge of old Třeboň, that brickworks owned by the municipality and others owned by the noble Schwarzenberg family were established in the 17th century. Třeboň became a district town during the construction boom of the second half of the 19th century, but bricks continued to be made here until the early 1950s. Brickmaking clay later lent its name to the Třeboň housing estate Hliník.

Exposed brickwork is making a comeback on the facade of Nová Cihelna

Today, this town, with its unmistakable charm and beautiful surroundings, is becoming one of the most sought-after recreational destinations in the Czech Republic. The apartments in Nová Cihelna, whose architecture reflects both local traditions and current trends, can be used by future owners both as a primary home or investment property with short-term or long-term rental income.

A word from the architect

We have reworked the original design of this multifunctional house into a unique apartment building where the boundaries are blurred—between recreational and residential housing, between business and pleasure, between design and taste. Emphasis was placed on using energy-efficient new materials and the high amount of greenery on the roofs, facades, and large flower pots, which constitute the ecosystem of Nová Cihelna. The layout, size, and arrangement of the units and range of terraces, balconies, and loggias, with the mix of options, offers customers a broad selection of choices. The building is sensitively set in the original development of the town and its historic, leisure, and spa offerings. The genius loci of Nová Cihelna is determined by the plot, which, since the 17th century, had been part of a brickyard. The materials, structure, and details of the new facade and interior elements directly reflect this past. Allow yourself to be enchanted.

Ing. Michal Kasík PhD., ArchiSPACE s.r.o.